Team Irie

Hi there, I’m Camille and I’m the blogger and photographer behind Irie Thyme. Helping me out behind the scenes are my dynamo team, my family who help me out with recipes and creative advice on what to share. Irie Thyme is a passion of mine that I’ve been crafting for several years now.  It’s a concept I developed that encompasses an authentic Caribbean lifestyle, how we eat, how we live, the clothes we wear and how we flavor our food. Irie is a Jamaican word that describes a state of feeling good, feeling relaxed and content. My dad inspired me in coming up with this name because he’s the most chill and relaxed person I know. Whenever anyone asks him, hey, how are you? His answer is always I’m Irie! With a big old smile to match. Irie Thyme, put simply is just a way of being, it embodies the whole flavor of being Caribbean, a way to live and let live while being at peace.

Caribbean Food Story

Here at we’ll regularly share Caribbean food recipes, in particular Jamaican food recipes made easy. After moving to Toronto a few years ago we realized that homestyle cooking, something we regularly take for granted back home was something a lot of our friends wanted to know more about. Questions, such as “how do you make this” and “do you have a recipe for that,” were so frequent that we realized, hey there might be a few other people other than our current circle who might be similarly interested. We love to cook, bake and drink rum and that’s what you’ll get a lot of here.

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We love making friends, online and in real life. So glad you could drop by for a visit, stay a little, browse, chat a little in the comment section and remember to share your email before you go, so that you’ll be the first to get recipes and updates as soon as they are published.

Love & Irie


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